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Introducing The BaroneSS

Last Saturday was the Official birthday of my new bike, A Surly Steamroller, aka “The BaroneSS”.

That day I went with her for a 51 km ride and I said something about it here.

Today I went for a bit longer ride:

A Metric Century

At 8:30 am I was ready, and she was too…

We left and soon we were leaving the city..

The highway was great and straight and even when you could had some views…

I was thinking on something different, so, I took a little road from the highway…

This was part of the route I took on my Tour to Teran two years ago, I knew the route  but this was something  different…a new bike, a new ride:

After the dam, It seemed pretty flat…

but it wasn’t…

and it was that way the whole ride on the other side of the dam…something I just didn’t pay attention on the tour trip…in a SS, another story.

I turned back when I saw the road was getting closer to the mountains again…

had a short stop…

rode  a bit more, and had another short stop on the turning point…

After that, I just tried to keep some of the rhythm I had but it wasn’t possible. I’m really thinking on a re-fit, if possible, since I got the steerer already cut, but on the km 80 mark  I couldn’t bear the lower back pain and had to stop and lay down for a while, once I got home I couldn’t move freely due to the pain and had to take a pain killer…I’m much better now, but not too happy about having some extra pain  other than the normal due to the exercise. The bike is fast and is light (lighter than my other bikes that is), but after two rides I still got more pain than joy. 😦

The sunny pic after 100 km:

and the numbers:

Time on the road:  6 hrs 47 min

Time pedaling: 4 hrs 37 min

Distance: 100.46 km

Avg. Speed: 21.7 km/h


Hiking and Biking Weekend

This weekend was a round one..yesterday I went with the Wife for a hike on Cerro de La silla:

It was our first attempt, our plan was to climb half of it, 2.5 kms walking up to climb around 500 m. The taller peak is around 1300m above Monterrey, so 500 is a good guess ( I haven’t been able to find good info about it)

The destination at 2.5kms are the remainings of a Teleferico (Cable Car?) that was running in El Cerro in the early 1950s.

one of the first views going up

one view to the city

the morning was a bit foggy so I didn’t care much for taking pics, and I left the 40D at home so we were more focused on hiking than on taking pics. 😦

Once we reached our destination we rest for a while…

our resting point

and we shared the spot with this little guy:

a Coati (or Kudamundi)

it was a good hike, 2 hrs up and pretty much the same down. I was impressed with my conditions, this time I was in front of the Wife all the time 😛 cycling is paying off!

The wife need some real hiking shoes, and we are probably getting ones later today. Our plans is to do this hike every saturday so is kind of important.

Then I had a solo ride today…I tried the more techy section of the trail today…

I believe this pics says it all:

it wasn’t the most difficult section but my right pedal hit the big rock and I couldn’t do much after that… it didn’t hurt so bad, but seconds later (literally) I found a little tree on my way:

that one did hurt….at that point I had to switch my RD shifter to friction since the RD was all messed up.

After that I entered a switchback section which was kind of difficult for me on la Pugsdozer, well, this was the first time I do something like that actually, so I really can’t compare the ride against anything.

It all went well for a while…but then..

three was enough for me..I took la Pugsdozer out of the trail, did a quick fix…by that time the rear brake rotor was touching the caliper…and went home.

I need to check on the RD, but not today…hopefully it is just a matter of adjusting it.

Guess today wasn’t my day to ride 😦

Race Report #2: 67 Km Challenge

The official race name was “Desafio 120K”, because you know, some crazy dudes did 120 kms, but I’m not going to talk about that here 😛

67 km was going to be a real challenge for me, I was going to be doubling my longest MTB ride on my almost 3 years of riding since I got back in the saddle.

It all happened last Sunday, and must confess I was actually thinking on quitting the night before, I didn’t even tell the wife about it of course, I knew it was going to be tough, and I’ve been felling my body a bit weird/tired due to my nonstop commuting month on La Trurly.

We were waked up not by the usual clock alarm but by a gunfire a couple of blocks from home. Once again, bad and good guys solving their issues with guns here in MTY.  I left home a bit late, once we didn’t hear any more shots and I convinced the wife nothing was going to happen to me (like if I really knew it).

Once I got to Mina (a 30 min car trip), riders were getting ready and we were soon ready to depart. From my point of view, the organization was flawless, we even had a helicopter from “Guardia Civil” checking on us, well, mostly checking on the 120 k guys.

The go was given; the whole bunch (77 riders for the 67 k´s and 21 for the 120 k’s) leaved at the same time, and it seemed like everyone leaved with an easy pace. I managed to get in the tail anyways 😛

After the first little hill the whole bunch next to me turns into just two guys in front of me. Behind me just the sag 4 wheeled motorcycle. The first 15 km passed pretty much uneventful, the three of us having our little race, changing positions from time to time. But this was going to change.

Finishing a road section, (do I have to mention I hate road sections?), entering the trail there was a mini sand trap (funny thing, how skinny tired guys call them Sand Traps 😦 ), one of the guys felt, he was ok, but now behind me…there was a little long techy downhill section, la pugsdozer loves downhill…we passed “the other guy” and after the little downhill we saw a rear wheel.

Do not stop pedaling was the only rule for me.

After the little hill “the other guy” reached me and passed me, but not for long. At around km 20 we reached the first long sand trap, 200 to 300 m may be, when we reach it there was two guys in there…that was the last time I saw “the other guy” during the race.

One of the guys in the sand trap passed me a bit later, but like in Km 25, I’m not sure exactly, we entered the river bed… (do I have to mention I love river beds?)…I reached and passed this last guy and also the “rear wheel guy”, and when finishing the river bed section, which was may be 500 to 600 m long, I saw three guys leaving the riverbed.

I knew this river bed from my solo ride in Mina, and I remembered the little hill to get out, I rode it out that time, this time, with more than 20 kms on my legs I couldn’t, and this was the only time I walked la Pugsdozer. Another thing I noticed was an unbearable pain on my ass. Why? Well, the day before I changed the tilt on my handlerbar and on the Brooks Flyer to a position that felt right on the mile I tested them, and that I thought it was going to be good for my race, well, I was wrong. My ass still hurts and to a less degree my hands too. I could have stopped to play with the saddle, but I just didn’t. I lift it up from time to time and shake it ;).

After this big “Sand Trap” 😛 , like in the next 5 to 10 kmr, the same guys passed me and I stayed alone for a long time…I caught them in the river bed on our way back.

the guys passing me are in this pic

I can’t say I really caught them since one of them asked me If I saw his car keys. 😦 He said he was going back to the entrance of the river were there was a checkpoint to ask for help. I don’t know if he found his keys.

After that, I was alone. I didn’t pass anyone else for sure and I don’t remember getting passed after the river…….. most likely someone did it, hehe.

I was focused on finish and on keep pedaling, and actually never felt like I needed to stop. Of my total ride time, 5:30:55, I may have been stopped for 10 min, adding the time when at the checkpoints I was getting some water.  I think my energy or stamina was good during the race, not my body neither my legs.

The night before I ate a nice plate of pasta, I had a banana and half snickers as a breakfast and during the race I tried to maintain myself well hydrated and not hungry.  Every hour I was getting a Clif Shot Block serving, and every 45 min I was getting half a snickers or a banana. Or at least I tried to do it that way.

Once I passed the last sand trap my legs were not responding as they should, even though I felt sort of good. That was like in km 52, so the next 15 kms were hard to accomplish.

But I did it!

And I’m glad with the results!

We were 36 finishing riders on my category, I placed 34, 73 out of 77 😛

”The other guy” was behind me just by 6 mins!

Any other race with no sand traps and the story would have been a whole different one.

Race Report #1 – Higueras 2011

Everything was set for a great day of Marathon MTB racing. For us the beginners, a humble 30 km (18.6 mi) ride.

As usual on this type of event, the higher categories started first, giving to each category a loose starting and not a crowded one by the at least 400 total riders in the event.

My seconds of Glory

When our time came, I was ready, and when the go was given I found myself passing a few riders. The start was near to a road section, so you would need to enter the road for a quarter of mile before entering the trail, a double track for us or a path for cars any other day. When I reached the trail I instantly got in the middle of the trail, riders on each side and one in front of me fighting to keep up on the loose rocks not packed by cars. When the rider moved to one of the sides, I felt in heaven, I wasn’t worry that he would fall in front of me and I was passing people easily on my own path, it was like meant for my big tires. If that path lasted half a mile I’m exaggerating. I wasn’t in heaven anymore.

My 3 hours of shame.

As soon as we left my heaven trail the road started to be a bit more packed and a bit stepped too, riders started to pass me, men, teens, women, grandpas, kids, the guy on the wheelchair, pretty much everyone. I just couldn’t keep up the pace.

I was going as hard I could, my legs were complaining but I tried to never stop pedaling. I had to lower my gears a lot to do so. When the road started to get a bit stepped on some parts I was downshifting for sure. I was behind in the tail of the beginners group, I can see them. There was some hope. Not.

I reached the fist mud pond. I tried to go for the more transited path, the “cleaned” route left by the riders in front of me. It wasn’t enough, my big tires would get everything and the weight added to the bike could be felt. I remember a guy complaining about the issue after the race, little did he know. At that point, I saw the tail of the group disappear.

I didn’t stop pedaling, I didn’t stop to clean my tires, I just kept going. I saw a rear wheel again; I thought I could, at least, follow it. We passed a sobbing woman getting back on her bike, I bet those were rage tears more than pain tears, seconds after that she and her partner were passing us like if we were going in the opposite direction. (I heard the fall wasn’t a soft one and that she did a great job after all).

I wasn’t felling that bad, I was behind but not that far. I saw the first checkpoint (the only one for the beginners), it was at the top of a little hill, when I saw some riders hiking it I told to myself that I could came closer to the group. There was some hope. Not.

As soon as I thought that, I got a flat. Not on my front tire but on the rear. For those who have a 09 or older Pugsley frame, you know what that means. The rear dropout is not meant for easy rear wheel removal, you need to get your rear brake loose to be able to do it. I did it all as fast as I could, the tire that at home came out of the rim easily, this time gave me some fight. I saw a couple of guys passing me, weird; I thought I was the last one. Well, now I was. Once I was ready my legs felt funny, may be me being crouch for a while had something to do. I start pedaling again with the purpose of not stop doing it and at least, finish the race. The big tail group was at least 20 min far from me, there wasn’t any hope left.

passing by with my inner tube (7km to the finish line)

There is not much to say after that, I kept riding until the end.

–        I did those 30 km in 2:43 min (flat time included)…last in my category by at least 27 min…the difference between the last 5 racers was 17 min…the winner of the category did 1:25 min….I wasn’t the last to cross the finish line.

crossing the finish line

–        I knew I wasn’t going to be close to a podium, but I wasn’t expecting to end that close to the tail, well, be the tail exactly.

–        220 pounds is a lot of weight to be carrying on top of a bike, some of it need be out, seriously.

–        It was a great experience for sure and I do think some things need to be changed on my setup for the next race.

–        I know I may had some handicap with my big tires, but is not an excuse for such a bad time. Certainly my 55 miles a week due to commuting is not enough training for this type of event.

no grin?

To the guy who approached to me at the end of the race and said: “So, this is the famous Pugsdozer”…Thanks dude, you made my day!

A desert ride…

Two weeks ago I found out there was a sort of desert in North Nuevo Leon…Garcia’s Desert…what was the first thing that came to my mind?…yeap…Pugsley Ride!!

That very same weekend I invited the Wife to check it out…we found some nice cabins I could use as a base to take an exploring ride on the desert early in the morning….this report is the plan came true 😉

it all started from San Felipe…

The little cabins have names of States or Ports from Mexico. San Felipe is a Port in the State of Yucatan.

Just behind the cabins the fun started…

The one and only “obstacle” on my ride was crossing a deep river bed…nothing but fun with La Pugsdozer…

Once I crossed the river this was the view I found…

(this pan is better to open it on a side window 😉 right click on it)

I knew from a previous google map search that I wanted to go to the little mountains on the right of the pan view…these ones…

The road was soft and easy, a rest from those big rocks La Pugs is used to hit on La Huasteca…

at some points even Larry’s pimples got marked on the sand…beautiful.

it took me a bit more than 2 hours to get there…a roadrunner crossing the road…some birds having fun…some beautiful plants…some like painted mountains…

I liked the desert…softy terrain…yummy…if this is going to be the feeling on the beach…I ceartainly need to get La Pugs there!

Once I got there…

I had a snack…

enjoyed the view…

(this pan is better to open it on a side window 😉 right click on it)

and then, realized I needed to get back in time to take the Wife to a Museum located in the little town of Mina, N.L…so… here I am on my way back  😦

The Museum visit turns out nice though… there have been some really interesting archeology’s finds in the area…finds including Mammoths!

For those snow fatbike readers out there…I’m still jeolous of your rides!

PS: I was using a DoubleTake demo to put together the panoramic pics…if you can recommend me a good not too expensive software to use on my Mac…please do!

Las Adjuntas Bike&Hike

A short welcoming note to my new blog:

Welcome to my new blog!


It was 7:11 am after struggling to get out of my bed…took a low carb breakfast…

fixed my camelback, grab the related stuff and was on the road to La Adjuntas by 8:21 am. Between the gas station stop, the almost 30 min trip and getting ready to ride…I actually started almost at 9:30 am.

Although I count this as my first real attempt, it actually wasn’t…a couple of months ago when La Pugsdozer was almost brand new I tried. I didn’t went far that time, I had a flat 15 min after starting my ride…and of course, didn’t have a spare tube, patch kid or even a multi-tool with me.

So, this one counts as my first attempt, (I was prepared this time!)…

A family encounter (we seem to be everywhere!)…

Some overprotective parents…

A resting spot…

a little waterfall…

And finally, Las Adjuntas…


resting a little in Las Adjuntas…

Eat some dry fruits to get some energy for my way back…

It was fun while I was going downhill and on the semi-flat sections, but my way back was painful. 😦

The result: a Bike&Hike Ride! 😉

There would be a Las Adjuntas Reloaded some day. (but I really need to get in shape for it)