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How you got so skinny martinsillo?

hehe no..I just rode a skinny bike for a while: 😉

Fellow rider Santiago and I went to Mina today…we wanted to ride the track we are going to be racing next week. (which I wished to be a bit different to the last one there, but it wasn’t 😦 )

Santiago had  some fun with La Pugsdozer over some sandtraps and a river bed…he called the bike “The Buggy” hehe. I had to walk to get out of the river bed btw.

but then I broke his Epic..

hehehe no..it was just a Mini-flat….somehow a little rock got into the sidewall of the rim letting some air from the tubeless got out….I was having too much trouble passing the techy parts with those skinny tires….but I must confess I liked when it was flat and I could get some speed easily…in fact, we switch just when I was starting to loose my strengths and it was very nice.

After pumping some air back he took his bike again…just in time for the big sand trap…. (devil laugh here) hehe

Santiago leaving the longish sandtrap

but then he abandon me hehehe and I saw him back in the car where he was waiting for about an hour maybe 😦 …Temps were at least 42 ºC …I got a little dehydrated…let’s hope the weather gets fresh next Sunday! just below 40 would be nice.