Introducing The BaroneSS

Last Saturday was the Official birthday of my new bike, A Surly Steamroller, aka “The BaroneSS”.

That day I went with her for a 51 km ride and I said something about it here.

Today I went for a bit longer ride:

A Metric Century

At 8:30 am I was ready, and she was too…

We left and soon we were leaving the city..

The highway was great and straight and even when you could had some views…

I was thinking on something different, so, I took a little road from the highway…

This was part of the route I took on my Tour to Teran two years ago, I knew the route  but this was something  different…a new bike, a new ride:

After the dam, It seemed pretty flat…

but it wasn’t…

and it was that way the whole ride on the other side of the dam…something I just didn’t pay attention on the tour trip…in a SS, another story.

I turned back when I saw the road was getting closer to the mountains again…

had a short stop…

rode  a bit more, and had another short stop on the turning point…

After that, I just tried to keep some of the rhythm I had but it wasn’t possible. I’m really thinking on a re-fit, if possible, since I got the steerer already cut, but on the km 80 mark  I couldn’t bear the lower back pain and had to stop and lay down for a while, once I got home I couldn’t move freely due to the pain and had to take a pain killer…I’m much better now, but not too happy about having some extra pain  other than the normal due to the exercise. The bike is fast and is light (lighter than my other bikes that is), but after two rides I still got more pain than joy. 😦

The sunny pic after 100 km:

and the numbers:

Time on the road:  6 hrs 47 min

Time pedaling: 4 hrs 37 min

Distance: 100.46 km

Avg. Speed: 21.7 km/h

One response to “Introducing The BaroneSS

  1. Where is martinsillo? mtbr commuters and fatbikers miss him!

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