Hiking and Biking Weekend

This weekend was a round one..yesterday I went with the Wife for a hike on Cerro de La silla:

It was our first attempt, our plan was to climb half of it, 2.5 kms walking up to climb around 500 m. The taller peak is around 1300m above Monterrey, so 500 is a good guess ( I haven’t been able to find good info about it)

The destination at 2.5kms are the remainings of a Teleferico (Cable Car?) that was running in El Cerro in the early 1950s.

one of the first views going up

one view to the city

the morning was a bit foggy so I didn’t care much for taking pics, and I left the 40D at home so we were more focused on hiking than on taking pics. 😦

Once we reached our destination we rest for a while…

our resting point

and we shared the spot with this little guy:

a Coati (or Kudamundi)

it was a good hike, 2 hrs up and pretty much the same down. I was impressed with my conditions, this time I was in front of the Wife all the time 😛 cycling is paying off!

The wife need some real hiking shoes, and we are probably getting ones later today. Our plans is to do this hike every saturday so is kind of important.

Then I had a solo ride today…I tried the more techy section of the trail today…

I believe this pics says it all:

it wasn’t the most difficult section but my right pedal hit the big rock and I couldn’t do much after that… it didn’t hurt so bad, but seconds later (literally) I found a little tree on my way:

that one did hurt….at that point I had to switch my RD shifter to friction since the RD was all messed up.

After that I entered a switchback section which was kind of difficult for me on la Pugsdozer, well, this was the first time I do something like that actually, so I really can’t compare the ride against anything.

It all went well for a while…but then..

three was enough for me..I took la Pugsdozer out of the trail, did a quick fix…by that time the rear brake rotor was touching the caliper…and went home.

I need to check on the RD, but not today…hopefully it is just a matter of adjusting it.

Guess today wasn’t my day to ride 😦


3 responses to “Hiking and Biking Weekend

  1. I enjoy seeing pictures from other places on earth and to my eyes the first picture (Cerro de la Silla) looks just alien. Totally outside my frame of reference! Very interesting.

  2. hehe I can say the same to you Peter! being outdoors with all that snow and cold you do, is just totally unknown to me!

  3. I love the Southwest U.S./Mexico with its mountains just kinda sticking up from essentially flat plains. Beautiful.

    Of course, Peter has fjords, which are also pretty cool. 😀

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